Mural prices

We price our work by the cost per square foot. What quantifies the cost is the amount of detail and quality that goes into a mural. Larger murals tend to be less expensive per square foot than smaller; brick walls tend to need more paint due to the grooves than do smooth; higher walls require scaffolding; so we adjust our quotes according to the particular specifications of a job. No two jobs are alike, and so it goes with our pricing. Below are samples and their assigned price ranges so that you can compare and decide for yourself. Click on each to see it in hi-rez.


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$5 - 19 / ft²

Basic graphic - four color non-representational, painted with acrylic urethane, clear coated.

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$20 - 34 / ft²

Wall treatment - five color semi-representational abstract, in acrylic urethane, clear coated.

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$35 - 75 / ft²

Illustrative style - full color, painted with artist's acrylic, acrylic urethane, clear coated.

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from $50 / ft²

Fine art style - painted with artist's acrylic or oil on canvas, archival coated, interior only.


Sign prices

Like our murals we proudly offer sign-painting, applied directly to any exterior wall or support, as well as custom hand-crafted, three-dimensional signs on wood substrates designed for outdoor use. Below are some samples and assigned price range to help you make a comparison.


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$5 - 14 / ft²

Basic sign - painted directly on any textured wall surface of a building using acrylic urethane.

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$10 - 34 / ft²

Decorative building mural - painted on any textured wall surface using acrylic urethane.

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$15 - 45 / ft²

Storefront art sign - cut out raised letters, acrylic urethane or oil on board, installation included.

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from $175

Design only - editable camera ready artwork for signs, includes one revision.


Printing prices

from $12 / ft²

Print reproduction of a design is a less expensive option for having a sign or a mural done on canvas or vinyl than one painted by hand. We out-source with reputable suppliers that can offer our customers a plethora of formats and materials. Our indoor work is printed with latex paint on 10 oz. cotton canvas that we install at no charge, but we also offer lightfast grade ink printed on top-quality 3M vinyl that is installed in sections, and is therefore limitless in size, for outdoor use. We'll be happy to submit a quote upon request.


Installing price

from $75 / hour

Installing is a service that we include free of charge with all of our canvas murals. We can also install canvas or vinyl murals which are painted by other artists or manufactures as well, with the same attention to precision and fitment as our own. You can call us with confidence.


Designing / 3D modeling prices

Mural designing is at the heart of our business. We price of our designs according to detail and level of completeness, allowing one revision with each order. Along with our designs we offer comprehensive 3D modeling services that provide our customers with both 2D mock-ups, showing isometric 3D views of our murals installed, as well as completely editable digital 3D models built in SketchUp.


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Design draft - monochromatic design-draft. Free with mural purchase. Includes one revision.

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from $550

Full-color design - editable and detailed, includes one revision. Free with mural purchase.

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from $750

Design + 3D view - showing mural installed, includes revision. Free with mural purchase.

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from $550

Digital 3D mockup - modeled from blueprints or specifications. Editable with SketchUp.

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